Metal Collection No.11 - Cashmere
Metal Collection No.11 - Cashmere
Lucky No. Candles

Metal Collection No.11 - Cashmere

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The METAL Collection - All the Lucky No. Candles luck inside a clear glass container with a metallic label. 


SCENT: FLORAL - SPICE (Neutral & Woodsy) 

STONE: Goldstone

BURN TIME: ~ 60 hours

Sandalwood, musk, jasmine, geranium, and ginger play together to make a warming scent that's perfect for a night wrapped up in cashmere blankets. Labradorite to affirm the true self. 8oz.

Lucky No. Candles use crystals and scents that correspond to numerology. Our candles are made with premium coconut-soy wax that is vegan, FDA-approved, and body-safe. Our wood wicks are grown by farmers in the USA, FSC-certified, and burn clean and slow. Our glass containers and shipping materials are reusable and recyclable too. It was important for us not to create a product that looks great in your home and not so great in a landfill.