Metal Collection no.5 - La Playa
Lucky No. Candles

Metal Collection no.5 - La Playa

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Introducing the Lucky No. Candles Metal Collection! Associated with corresponding numerology colors, your favorite Lucky No. Candles (with the same scents and stones you know) now have a shining colorful glow. 

Available individually or together in a deluxe set of all 12.

All our Lucky No. Candles are made with a luxury, body-safe, apricot coconut soy wax and burns on average 60 hours. Scent notes:


Fresh & Clean 

A Dynamic Force. 


Playful and light. Bergamot, spices, and mandarin. Like sipping a Mai Tai on the beach in Maui and dancing all night in Seville. Moonstone for inspiration and intuition. 8 oz. 

Burn time: ~75 hours.