Metal Collection No.3 - White Lime
Lucky No. Candles

Metal Collection No.3 - White Lime

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The METAL Collection - All the Lucky No. Candles luck inside a clear glass container with a metallic label. 



STONE: Amethyst

BURN TIME: ~ 60 hours

Happy and peaceful. Light when you want to lift the mood. A bubble bath next to a blossoming lime tree on an outdoor patio. French lime blossom with notes of White Tea and Mexican Vanilla. Amethyst for strength and peace. 8 oz.

Lucky No. Candles use crystals and scents that correspond to numerology. Our candles are made with premium coconut-soy wax that is vegan, FDA-approved, and body-safe. Our wood wicks are grown by farmers in the USA, FSC-certified, and burn clean and slow. Our glass containers and shipping materials are reusable and recyclable too. It was important for us not to create a product that looks great in your home and not so great in a landfill.

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