Everything - Metal Collection
Lucky No. Candles

Everything - Metal Collection

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 That's right, take it all. You deserve it.

Associated with corresponding numerology colors, your favorite Lucky No. Candles (with the same scents and stones you know) now have a shining colorful glow as part of The Metal Collection.

All 12 Lucky No. Candles are included in this deluxe set of Lucky No. Candles Everything - Metal Collection. Each scented candle is made with a luxury, body-safe, apricot coconut soy wax and burns on average 60 hours. 

Everything - The Metal Collection includes:

No. 0 - Freedom (Unscented)

No. 1 - Yuzu & Sea Salt

No. 2 - Dry Spice

No. 3 - White Lime

No. 4 - Spun Sugar

No. 5 - La Playa 

No. 6 - Flora Blanca

No. 7 - Flight

No. 8 - Mountainside

No. 9 - LEI

No. 11 - Cashmere

No. 13 - Smolder

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